Capital Wealth Architects Investment Services

Capital Wealth Architects was founded to offer a full suite of financial advice and services: Financial and Investment Planning; Retirement Planning; Estate Planning and In-House Tax Services.

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We are aligned with Mandeville Insurance Services Inc. to offer financial products such as Life Insurance, Disability, Critical Illness and other related risk management products to help you establish a solid financial foundation for your future.


Personal Financial Planning / Investment / Wealth Services

Custom Investment Plans

As wealth architects, we will prepare for you a comprehensive, individually tailored Investment Policy Statement (IPS) to establish a clear understanding between our wealth architects and you on effectively implementing and supervising a strategy for managing your investment assets. This IPS will provide support for you and our wealth architects to develop a well conceived, long-term investment plan and a basis for making disciplined investment decisions over time.

Investment Research and Management

The philosophy of our wealth architects is to acquire excellent businesses that are trading at attractive prices. In addition to our own criteria and resources, we will use the research resources of our firm and research partners who are selected for their areas of expertise.  We also rely on, in part, third party information/screening software.

Overall Financial Picture

You will receive a written comprehensive financial plan that will drive our strategies to help you reach your future goals. This plan will encompass Tax Planning, Retirement Planning, Cash Flow Management, Insurance and Estate Planning and will work in tandem with your Investment Policy Statement and other proven, effective concepts.

Net Worth Analysis and Solutions

An overall analysis of your current net worth will be created, along with our observations and recommendations.

Small Business and Corporate Planning

Whether you are a sole proprietor or an incorporated entity, we will work with you to ensure that your business is maximizing the strategies and options available.

Planning for a Secure Retirement

By working together, we will ensure that a secure and sustainable retirement is an achievable reality for you.

Retirement Income Solutions for Life

Guaranteed minimum withdrawal benefit plans to ensure income investments.

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